Our 2002 NCEA Distinguished Graduate
Class of 1973
Beth Barber Fendlay

On January 27th Beth Barber Fendlay, St. Hugh's School Alumni. ('73), was honored with the National Catholic Education Association's Distinguished Graduate Award. The award was presented at a mass, which began "Catholic Schools Week", and was attended by her friends, family and the St. Hugh's Church and School community. Selected by alumni, the Distinguished Graduate award is intended to honor graduates of Catholic elementary/middle schools who have made a contribution as a positive role model.

Fenday was lauded for her many years in teaching at her alma mater. "I was so surprised to receive this award." she said, "I'm still shocked over it. It's nice, really nice."

Fendlay began her career at the school as a volunteer, then taught art for 11 years. She is currently a full-time kindergarten aide. Her kindness and patience have endeared her to both students and faculty. "I love being with the Kindergarten kids," Fendlay said, "They are so cute. But I really miss getting to know all the kids at school on a first name basis and working with the different ages. Teaching art part time allowed me to do that. Recess, though, now gives me some opportunity to be with the older kids and get to know them."

But, being involved in art is still one of her passions. "Now I have a room in the house that's my art room" Fendlay said. "Currently I'm learning different techniques in pottery and have been using the facilities at the Community Center." She also lends her artistic talents to her kindergarten class and for other events during the school year.

A lifelong Greenbelt resident, Fendlay grew up on Hamilton Place with her parents Donald and Eunice Barber and her sisters Donna Mangum (Greenbelt), Dois Ladny (Crofton), Connie Barber (Greenbelt) and Nancy Barber (Greenbelt). Her parents still live in the family home. After graduating from St. Hugh's she briefly attended Mary Bethune Middle School in Fairmont Heights, and graduated from Parkdale Highschool. Fendlay is married to Harry Fendlay and is the mother of Sarah and Tony, who are also now alumni of St. Hugh's School.

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