St. Hugh Elementary and Junior Catholic School follows the curriculum standards set forth by the Catholic Schools Office of the Archdiocese of Washington. The vision of St. Hugh School is to meet the learning needs of all our students and to recognize the individual uniqueness God has instilled in each them. As a Catholic School, religious education is the cornerstone of our curriculum. With Christ and his teachings as our foundation, our primary academic goal is to educate the whole child so that the children are prepared to answer the vocations to which they will be called. Overall, our curriculum meets or exceeds all requirements of the State of Maryland and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools bestowed accreditation upon us in 1994.

As we are always looking towards the future and differentiating instruction, our formal instruction in grades kindergarten through eight is founded in religion, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. St. Hugh School provides instruction in computer education, music, art, physical education, media use and research, and Latin. St. Hugh School modifies and evaluates the curriculum as directed by the Archdiocese of Washington and takes an active role in researching the latest educational tools. Teachers within the Archdiocese of Washington are examining the taught curriculum and comparing it to nationally recognized standards to determine appropriate goals and objectives which will serve as the framework for the new Archdiocesan Curriculum.

The Catholic Schools Office of the Archdiocese of Washington has provided nationally recognized standards and St. Hugh School has incorporated them into the school program. Details about standards for each grade level are available on the classroom pages (see links on the left). The faculty and staff at St. Hugh School continuously assess our programs, including the current standards, in order to better serve the students and the greater school community.

Email our Faculty and Staff:

Fr. Walter Tappe, Pastor
Mrs. Tiffani James, Principal
Mrs. Sue O'Brien, Vice Principal / Library and Reading Specialist
Mrs. Nanette Cepko, Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Ginger Feliciotti, Receptionist
Mrs. Shirley Martins, 8th Grade Homeroom / Upper School Mathematics
Mrs. Erin Fritsch, 7th Grade Homeroom / Upper School Science
Mrs. Amy Landis, 6th Grade Homeroom / Upper School Language Arts
Ms. Therese (Tina) McGranaghan, 5th Grade Homeroom
Mrs. Mary Nauman, 4th Grade Homeroom
Mrs. Margo Van Den Bossche, 3rd Grade Homeroom
Ms. Meagan Kimm, 2nd Grade Homeroom
Mrs. Deidre LeGrand, 1st Grade Homeroom
Ms. Anna Gibbins, Kindergarten
Mr. Richard Kramer, Latin Instruction
Mr. Thomas Kolar, Art Instruction / Upper School Social Studies
Ms. Jennifer Goltz and Mr. William Ferro, Music Instruction
Mrs. Amy Baum, Physical Education
Mrs. Kathi Kramer, Religion / Director of Religious Education for St. Hugh Parish
Ms. Geri Hawks, Delegated School Nurse

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