Extended Care
St. Hugh School offers extended care opportunities for working parents or for students who wish to have a scheduled study hall. We offer a morning session from 7:00 to 8:00 am and an afternoon session from dismissal until 6:00 pm. Our goals for these extended care sessions are:

  • To provide students the opportunity to complete homework and other assignments in a quiet atmosphere with guidance from staff.
  • To provide physical exercise in a structured environment emphasizing cooperation and respect.
  • To promote independent academic and creative experiences.
  • To provide an environment for students which will emphasize Catholic-Christian beliefs and actions.
  • To provide a creative educational experience for children of parents who work.

Registration fee: $50 per family

One Child
Two Children
Three or More
Afternoon Care
(daily rate for a full school day)
Afternoon Care Half Day
(daily rate for half day 12 - 6 pm)

(On half days, normal daily rate is applied if child is picked up by 3pm)

Morning Care (daily rate)
Morning Care (2 week rate)

There is a $15.00 fee for late payments. Even if payment is one day tardy it is still considered late. Late payments must be received by the following Friday or students WILL NOT be permitted to attend the program on that Monday. Chronic late payments will result in dismissal of student from the program.

As the Extended Day Care is a separate entity from the school, checks for insufficient funds are not acceptable. One bounced check will result in acceptance of cash only payments. A penalty administrative processing fee of $20.00 will be charged to an individual who writes a check for insufficient funds to this program. No late payments will be accepted after incident of this nature.

Saint Hugh's closes promptly at 6:00 P.M. every day. $1.00 per minute per child is added for each minute after 6:00 P.M. If there is some sort of emergency, please call as soon as possible. We have the same number as the school, 301-474-407 1. Full time extended care, morning care or morning and extended care students will be billed every two weeks.

IN AN ABSOLUTE EMERGENCY: If you are unable to reach us, (we might be outside), please call the Rectory (301-474-4322), and ask them to get a message to us immediately. Please do not call the Rectory unless an emergency exists.

Parents or guardians are required to come into the Extended Day Classroom to pick up their children. If your child is outside when parents arrive, parents are to escort the child to the classroom to collect their belongings. For security reasons, all will be required to "sign out" students when they are picked up. Persons to pick up must be at least 16 years or older. If someone other than the regular person is to pick up the child, please inform the office by note or with a phone call prior to the child being picked up. We need notification even if the adult is listed on the child's card. If we are not notified the parent/guardian will be called for verification prior to the child's release.

When P.G. County Public Schools close early due to weather conditions, Saint Hugh's Extended Day will also be closed. If there is a delayed opening, Before Care will not be available.

The Extended Day Program will follow the school calendar. Please consult this calendar for a listing of holidays, holy days, professional days and noon dismissals.

The Extended Day program will provide a light snack every day at approximately 4:00 P.M. This is not a meal, but a time for a light and nutritious snack. White milk is provided daily. We eat only at snack time and serve one snack. The only time food is to be eaten is at snack time.

We do not have facilities to care for sick children. If called because your child is ill, you are expected to pick them up promptly. If your child is going to be absent for an extensive period, please speak with the Principal.

Children are allowed to change into tennis shoes only.

All students attending the Extended Day Program are expected to act in an appropriate manner in accordance with all the rules and regulations of Saint Hugh's Catholic School as outlined in the School Parent Handbook. Inability or refusal to do so will result in a parent conference with the school principal during the school day and may be dismissed from the program.

In case of necessity, medication may be administered by Extended Day staff if certain conditions are met. Authorization from a doctor is required for all prescriptions. Medication Order Forms may be picked up in the office. The required form must be completed and given to the office before any medication may be administered. No student is to ever keep medication in a classroom. It must be kept under supervision of the school office and must be in the original container. Under not circumstances will children be given Tylenol or other such over-the counter drug unless the child's doctor prescribes this for a specific period.

Please do not ask any staff member to bend the rules or regulations stated here. This can be embarrassing to both parties. Our rules will not be compromised. If you have a problem, please make an appointment to speak with the principal personally.

































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