Arts & Athletics at St. Hugh School

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Mr. Thomas Kolar, Art Instruction
The art curriculum at St. Hugh School is a sequential process. The basic elements and principles of design are
introduced to the students at a young age and reinforced each year, as the students get older. Students at St. Hugh’s School experience the visual arts through a variety of hands-on projects using a wide range of mediums. Student artwork is featured at special events and displayed in our school hallways throughout the year.

St. Hugh’s continues a partnership with the Greenbelt Recreation Department, which allows our junior high students to participate in several visual arts workshops throughout the year at the studios in the Greenbelt Community Center. Take a look at several articles about the students’ experiences that have been published in the Greenbelt News Review last year!

Mrs. Jennifer Goltz and Mr. William Ferro, Music Instruction
The music program at St. Hugh’s is designed to foster a life long love and appreciation of music.  Students achieve this goal by studying basic music history and music theory focusing on the five basic elements of music to include melody, rhythm, harmony, tone color and form.  Every student has an opportunity to perform at St. Hugh’s.  Students in grades K-4 perform in the Christmas pageant, grades 5 and 6 in the spring arts concert and grades 7 and 8 in “Born For This,” a dramatic and musical interpretation of the Stations of the Cross.  All students in grades 4-8 are eligible to join the St. Hugh’s School Choir as well as the school band.   

Mrs Amy Baum, Physical Education
The goal of St. Hugh School's Physical Education program is to promote physical activity as both fun and healthy. This year the Kindergarten through second grade will focus on improving their fine motor skills and cooperation. Grades 3-5 will concentrate on the concepts of sportsmanship and teamwork through sports and organized games. In the middle school the children will play a variety of team sports, learning basic rules and fundamentals. Through these activities the students of St. Hugh School will develop an appreciation for organized sports and the need for physical wellness

The St. Hugh Parish Catholic Youth Organization provides an outstanding extracurricular sports program that includes basketball, soccer, softball, flag football, and track & field. Click here for more information.















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