Computer Lab

St. Hugh School maintains a complete computer lab with over 30 workstations for the use of all grades. The lab is intended to:

  • Introduce children to technology
  • Integrate technology into the curriculum

To accomplish the first goal each grade will have dedicated class time in the Computer classroom. Kindergartners will learn to start and restart the computer; point, click and drag the mouse; and start and quit a program using the mouse. In addition, first and second graders will learn to use informal keyboarding skills to type words and sentences. Students in grades 3 through 8 will also learn to use formal keyboarding skills; log on and off a network; access, save, and retrieve files from a shared network; open a web browser; and retrieve information for class projects. To accomplish the second goal the computer instructor will be working closely with each faculty member to identify ways to incorporate computers into all curricula.

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