First Grade
Mrs. Deidre LeGrand

Welcome to First Grade!  I pray for a successful year for all and I look forward to working together to make this year a wonderful bridge of knowledge from Kindergarten to Second Grade. Specifically, my desire is to provide a level of familiarity and continuity with some of the students’ former procedures from Mrs. Gibbons, our Kindergarten teacher, to the expectations of Mrs. Kimm, our Second Grade teacher.    

The First Grade physical education days will be thursdays and fridays - please ensure your child wears his/her gym uniform and tennis shoesThe regular dress uniform is to be worn on all other days and on Mass days as indicated on the school calendar. Each student has a green “HOMEWORK” folder that should be checked nightly.  Please send any written notes through this same folder which will also be checked by me daily.  

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+ View the First Grade Goals for 2009/10 (PDF)

+ View the Academic Standards for First Grade (PDF)

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