Second Grade
Ms. Meagan Kimm
tree mural

Hello and Welcome to Second Grade!

Our Second grade classroom is made up of five fun learning centers: Listening, Reading, Computers, Religion and Science. Our Science center is full of wonderful objects from nature like seashells, mushrooms, bones, skulls, snake’s skin and rocks. We even have a nature themed mural.

Each year we take a field trip to the pumpkin patch and an animal petting zoo. We do many fun projects, like creating our own country, collages, skits, interviews, book reports, and science experiments! Second grade is such a special year because we recieve two new sacraments, Reconciliation and First Communion. We have lots of fun, and work very hard in our classroom. Come visit us in Second grade, we look forward to meeting you.

+ First Day of School Letter (PDF)

+ Second Grade Homework Policy (PDF)

+ View the Academic Standards for Second Grade (PDF)

Below is a brief overview of what your children will be learning over this first quarter.


  • Discover ways God’s invites us to believe in him
  • Highlight what Jesus tells us about God
  • Understand how the Church helps us believe in God
  • Identify our parish as our home in the Catholic Church
  • Identify the Holy Trinity
  • Celebrate Jesus the Son of God
  • Understand the Holy Spirit
  • Explain why we pray the Sign of the Cross
  • Highlight why we call God our Father
  • Understand why God the Father is called the Creator


  • Reading and Identifying Numbers to 100
  • Identifying Left and Right
  • Identifying One More and One Less Than a Number
  • Graphing Data on a Graph
  • Telling and Showing Time to the Hour
  • Writing Numbers to 100
  • Addition Facts
  • Identifying Addends, Sums, and the Commutative
  • Using Logical Reasoning to Solve a Problem
  • Solving a Problem by Acting Out
  • Numbering a Clock face
  • Identifying Even and Odd Numbers
  • Creating and Reading a Repeating Patter


  • Use titles, tables of contents, and chapter headings to locate information
  • State Purpose of Reading
  • Comprehend informational text
  • Restate facts and details in the text to clarify and organize ideas
  • Recognize Cause and Effects relationships in text
  • Compare plots, settings and characters
  • Distinguish between complete and incomplete sentences
  • Use correct word order in written sentences
  • Use commas in greetings, letters, dates, and items


  • Spell correctly words like was,were,says, said, who,what,why,which are used frequently but do not fit common spelling patterns
  • Spell correctly words with short and long vowel sounds, r-controlled vowels (ar,er,ir,or,ur) and consonant blend patterns (bl, dr, st)
  • Picture Clues
  • Words with Double Consonants
  • Words spelled with th or wh
  • Compound Words

Language Arts:

  • Decoding and word recognition
  • Vocabulary and Concept Development
  • Organize and Focus
  • Identify, Write, and Speak in complete sentences
  • Capitalization
  • Identify Question Marks
  • Put together Sentences parts
  • Sentence Order
  • Synonyms
  • Apply Grammar skills to writing

Social Studies:

  • History- differentiate between events that happened long ago and recently, recognize examples of continuity and change in local and regional communities
  • Consider ways people and events of the past and present influence students lives
  • Civics and Governments- understand why communities have governments and law
  • Geography- locate community, state/district, nation on maps and globes
  • Economics-describe how people in a community use productive resources, have different jobs, and use goods and services


  • The Nature of Science and Technology
  • Scientific Thinking- observation, communication skills
  • The Physical Setting- Earth and the process that shape it, matter and energy
  • The Living Environment, Diversity of Life, Human Identity
  • Shapes and Symbolic Relationships
  • Reasoning
  • Patterns in Science


  • Form letters correctly and space words and sentences properly so that writing can be read easily by another person
  • Students will work in their Handwriting books to achieve neatness and smaller writing. Class work, homework, and spelling test will help assess this process


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