Welcome to the 2009-2010 school year!  My name is Mrs. Erin Fritsch, and I am the 7th grade homeroom and middle school science teacher.  To begin, I would like to give you a little background information about myself.  I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in math and science education.  I have five years of teaching experience, with several of those years at a science magnet school in Arlington, Virginia.  This is my first year at St. Hugh of Grenoble School, and I am very excited to be the new science teacher! 

Calling all solar system enthusiasts! 
Check out this fantastic interactive solar system animation!  You can observe the planets in orbit and click and drag to view from various angles. Each planet also has a size comparison to Earth and facts about rotation and revolution.

Want to put some science-y fun into your Halloween? 
Check out these fun and easy experiments and activities for home!



Can you donate any of these household items to the St. Hugh science classroom?:

paper towel / toilet paper rolls
plastic soda bottles of all sizes
plastic containers (from yogurt, butter, etc.)
glass jars
fabric scraps (any fabric)
unwanted Play-Doh (not dried up, please)
Christmas lights (functional), all sizes
old desk lamps, gooseneck
Styrofoam (anything)
shoe boxes
cotton balls
batteries (functional)
flashlights (urgently needed)
food cartons / cardboard boxes
old towels
film canisters

Below are links to the First Quarter Goals for each upper school grade level:

+ 6th Grade Science - 1st Quarter Goals (PDF)

+ 7th Grade Science - 1st Quarter Goals (PDF)

+ 8th Grade Science - 1st Quarter Goals (PDF)

This is going to be a great program and a great year, with emphasis on scientific investigation and hands-on discovery.  We will use the textbook as a resource, but students will learn their main content through lab exercises, experiments, engineering design briefs, and investigations. 

+ View the Academic Standards for Seventh Grade (PDF)



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