Ms. Anna Gibbins

Kindergarten got off to a wonderful start this year! We have made new friends and learned the routine of our classroom. Our goals for the first quarter are as follows:

Language Arts:
-Reading Readiness
-Phonemic Awareness (how letters, sounds, words and sentences relate and go together)
            -Auditory discrimination of sounds
            -Building sight vocabulary
                        -Letter name and sound correlation
                        -Beginning, middle and ending sounds of words
                        -Identify beginning sight words
-Thinking Skills and Comprehension
-Listen to Stories
-Communicate Ideas and Thoughts
-Identify the front and back of a book
-Identify the top and bottom of a page
-Identify the Title and Author of a book
-Understand that we read left to right and top to bottom

-Days of the Week
-Months of the Year
-Place Value
-Positional Relationships – beside, over, under, behind, in front of, inside and outside
-Match 1 to 1 correspondence

-The 5 Senses
            -Identifying Your Senses
            -Using Your Senses
            -The Senses Work Together
-Living and Nonliving
            -Identifying Living and Nonliving Things
            -The Needs of Living Things
            -Changes in Living and Nonliving Things

Social Studies:
Who We Are
-Getting Along
-School Rules, Classroom Rules
-Solving Problems
-School Helpers, Classroom Helpers
            -Community Helpers

-The World is a Gift from God
-I Am a Child of God
-God Gives Me Five Senses
-God Gives Us the Earth
-God Gives Us Animals and Plants
-God Creates All People
-The Bible Tells Us About God’s Love

We look forward to the rest of the year and the exciting times to come!

+ View the Academic Standards for Kindergarten (PDF)

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