As students enter middle school, they are introduced to the Latin language and Roman culture.  The Latin program at St. Hugh covers basic grammar and vocabulary as well as Latin derivatives and Roman and Church traditions.  Through the study of Latin, children gain a better understanding of the English language and greater appreciation for classical cultures and their impact on our society.

The Latin program, which begins in the 6th grade, has three main objectives:

- First, to introduce the students to the rich classical and religious heritage to be discovered in the study of the Latin language;

- Second, to improve the students’ appreciation of basic grammatical concepts through an introduction to the form and function of elements in active voice Latin sentences;

- Third, to improve the students’ facility with English vocabulary through an introduction to the extensive relationship between Latin words and derived English words.

Latin Art Projects

Grade 6: Roman Coins

Grade 7: Mosaics


Grade 8: Masks

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