Religious Life at St. Hugh

St. Hugh School strives to be thoroughly Catholic in its identity and to demonstrate our faith through action and service, as is the tradition of Catholic education. We utilize our ties and location within the St. Hugh of Grenoble Parish to nurture and educate our students, as well as their families if desired, in the faith. Parish clergy and the St. Hugh Director of Religious Education, Mrs. Kathi Kramer, can be found in the classrooms nearly every day.

St. Hugh School provides:

  • Full participation in liturgical celebrations and catholic practices as well as opportunities for prayer;
  • A religion curriculum, including texts for K-8 and supplementary materials;
  • Time and opportunities for regular visits and participation in religious and academic programs by parish clergy and others in consecrated life;
  • Opportunities for students to learn the ministry of service at each grade level through projects that benefit the school, parish, local, and global communities;
  • Encouragement and opportunities for students to participate in the religious activities (altar service, music, etc) of the parish and the Archdiocese.;

Children of all faiths are welcome at St. Hugh School and, indeed, many faiths are represented in our student body. No child attending St. Hugh School will ever be excluded, disadvantaged, or suffer any indignity because of his or her faith.

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